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Friday, December 19, 2014


Hello my friends! Remember me, from like, ancient times? I'm back.
I went on a break from 2012 until now!
I just started playing fantage this thanksgiving.
I missed Fantage so much.. But most of all, this blog.
I'm glad i'm apart of Fantage Zebras again.
I'm glad that I can meet new people and start fresh.

Email me at for questions or concerns. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Always Smile!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Almost christmas xO !!

It's hard to believe it's already december..
Why is there no snow in fantage yet?
Why was there no fallen leaves in fantage for fall either?
Those were my questions.
Anyways bye ~Maggie

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter is coming, and updates.

  Hey guys! It's Maggie, and i'm just so obsessed with the new designs for fantage zebra! SO beautiful. If i actually sit through this and take my time it comes out better than i expect and i don't want to take it down. It just gives me the urge to advertise because i wan't everyone to see it. Speaking of advertising, I need to push myself to do it more.
  Another thing is Fantage updates. I stopped going on. But i found out about the mall and my great friend Crystal60069 on fantage is teaching me to open a kiosk. Yay! Currently waiting for free mall permission because i'm really cheep.
  We gained 10,000 more views since the summer. Really nice but i was too lazy to reach my goal of +50k till Halloween. Lets try again and have a total of 250,000 views till NEW YEARS!
  KK bye zebrians .. :3
Advertise!! For!! US!! We have a lot of rewards, just contact us if interested. Plus we have open seats for a zebrian of the month. wink wink. ;)
~11/29/14 >>Maggie

Friday, August 29, 2014


I'm pretty sure there are fantage youtubers out there who are reading these posts.. Here's an oppertunity if you have a decent amount of subscribers.
Message Maggie if you want to collab and make a youtube video together. It will help us both get subs from each other's channel so its a win win. Thanks sub to me, Masterfantage

Friday, August 22, 2014


With school coming up, The blog will go through TONS of changes. New header, new chat backgrounds and more!! If you know us, we love adding a little fantage character reprisenting the theme on our backgrounds and edits.
You read the title all right. And your wondering when we'll get to the part? 
Right now! 
We need a schoolgirl fantagian edit. It can be a boy. It can be a girl. Even both. Your edit must look like something reprisenting the first day of school! (School outfit, Bookbag, Books, pencil in hand, anything..) . This edit can be recolored, repixeled, Anything you imagine. Make this creative.  
1) MUST be clear, Can't be blurry.
2) Nothing inappropriate
3) Boards can be included but doesn't have to.
4) Must be emailed to Maggie, > 
Copy that email EXACTLY!! If you spell it wrong, we won't get your edit. I recommend copy and pasting.
5) Please, the edit must have a white background. To achieve this, Try going to mt. fantage, and take a picture on that snowy background.
6) You may enter more than once
7) Send your entries before September 1st.
Here we get to the good part. The prize.. We will have 3 winners. All these winners will have the same prize. They will all be on the blog. You get to choose the prize. You either can be rewarded with 100 xats, Have a chance to become a mod for free (will rules you must follow) , Have your picture taken with the owner for the Zebrian of the Month page, OR have 8 days on xat.
Have fun, I want to see many results. ;)

Reaching goals, Birthdays, and more.

   HEY ZEBRIANS! So today me and monica realized that we reached our goal of 200,000 by the end of the summer, so a round of applause for that. Our next goal is 250,000 by halloween. Help us achieve this please, advertising for us will deserve rewards..
   Another great event that happened recently was MONICA'S Birthday!!! (19th of august) Congratz to her, Maggie's birthday is also coming up on the 23rd of August.
   Schools starting! Get ready for new blog designs getting you ready for school. i had a nice long break, but they dont last forever, so at least make the best of it and smile your way to the first day of school.
    WE HAVE A CONTEST COMING UP! Our next post will be about the contest , so expect it and get ready. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hey its maggie! I edit a lot for the blog, especially fantage repixeling. May people on here ask on how to make them. So if your a beginner that wants to start editing, check my channel for my recent video on youtube! Dont forget to subscribe: Masterfantage.